Made in the USA
Made in the USA 
Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer of Lenses, Reflectors, Refractors

Borosilicate Glass Pedicure Basins for the Salon & Spa Market

Eye-catching, Custom Designs Made from Borosilicate Glass

Spa chair using a JSG glass basinSet your salon chairs apart from the ordinary.  At Jeannette Specialty Glass, we serve the salon/spa market by producing some of the finest glass pedicure basins available anywhere.

Our clientele includes salon chair makers and distributors assembling pedicure chairs for the salon market.

Our proprietary borosilicate glass formula means:

  • Stunning custom designs made to your specification
  • Any size, shape or pattern
  • A variety of colors
  • Heat and thermal shock resistant
  • Scratch and wear resistant

The beauty of glass can set your foot basins apart from the ordinary.  Contact us today to learn more, or visit our request a quote page.

No other glassware manufacturer can offer our special formulation of heat,  scratch, and shock resistant borosilicate glass.

Choose JSG for anything made out of glass.  Want to learn how JSG can meet your quality, quantity, and pricing needs?  Contact us today, or visit our quote request form page.

Spa Basins from JSG

Blender Jar

Private Label Glass Bowls

Glass Bowls

Made in the USA

All Jeannette Specialty Glass products are made right here in the USA at our glass production facility located 35 miles east of Pittsburgh in Jeannette, PA, long known as the "glass city." 

High Volume or Custom Glass Production

If you have a custom order or a large order, JSG is ready to meet your needs.  We have the capacity for large production runs as well as the master craftsman and experienced glass technicians to handle any order.  Contact us today to learn more.

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