Made in the USA
Made in the USA 
Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer of Lenses, Reflectors, Refractors

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Locally grown and internationally known, Jeannette Specialty Glass shows strength through improved market position.  Kathleen Sarniak, CEO of Jeannette Specialty Glass answered questions about the importance of the manufacturing sector, the growth of JSG, controlling the quality of products through re-shoring, and what can be expected of the company in the next 10 years.  Read the full article.

CEO Kathleen Sarniak
2013 Women In Business

Pittsburgh Business Times announced the winners of their 2013 "Women in Business" awards, with Kathleen Sarniak, CEO of Jeannette Specialty Glass, joining that list. Kathleen's passion and drive has led her company to its success in a downtrend economy. Her creative edge and product diversification allowed Jeannette Specialty Glass to thrive and compete with new glass products for all industries. Read more and keep up with the latest in our blog.

JSG is Manufacturer of the Year

JSG is named Manufacturer of the Year by The Pittsburgh Business Times for the category for 50-99 employees.  See the video



Capabilities in Industrial and Military Borosilicate Glass Production

Jeannette Specialty Glass has capabilities to manufacturer Industrial/Military Glass products and potential defense contracts and projects.  At JSG, our unique "Hard Roc" borosilicate glass products create a wide range of production options and capabilities for product advancement.  

Download our JSG National Defense Press Release concerning Military Glass development for more information, or contact JSG today. 


  • Borosilicate Glass "HR-37" - Proprietary Formulation Clear Colorless Glass (not green) unaffected by Weather, Sunlight and other factors
  • Durability - Chemical, Scratch, Stain, and Thermal Shock Resistant; Superior Heat Resistance
  • Private Mould Work
  • Custom Glass Design Products
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Dependable Delivery
  • Stock in our 120,000 square foot manufacturing facilities
  • Made in the U.S.A.  

Jeannette Specialty Glass has manufactured multiple military and defense-type products.  These products range from infrared headlights for military vehicles to indoor and outdoor lighting products.

Industrial / Military Glass Products:

  • Lenses for outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Lenses for LED lighting
  • Headlights for military vehicles
  • Headlights for military vehicles
  • Semi-ball used for underwater exploration and experiments

Scientific Products

  • Glass slides and slide holders for scientific testing
  • Desiccators bowls and lids--vacuum sealed product that is chemically resistant to anything it encounters
  • Glass stopper for scientific testing

Jeannette Specialty Glass' product categories are vast with options.  The possibilities are unlimited to the type of industrial/military glass products we can produce and supply.

Potential Products

  • Glass ceramic nose-cone for military missiles and application
  • Submergible glass lenses
  • Items from one ounce to 50 plus pounds

About Jeannette Specialty Glass

At Jeannette Specialty Glass, we are more than a glass manufacturer with over a century of experience, we are 21st century innovators meeting the high-tech glass needs of a nation rebuilding its economy.  Learn more about the history of Jeannette Specialty Glass.

Contact Jeannette Specialty Glass today for press inquiries or additional information.

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