Made in the USA
Made in the USA 
Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer of Lenses, Reflectors, Refractors

Applications and Industries of JSG'S Borosilicate Glass

Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass for Unlimited Uses

Developing specialty glass for a variety of applications and industries is our strength at JSG.  From the unique requirements of medical and military glass applications to the needs of a landmark monument comprised of custom glass bricks, Jeannette Specialty Glass steps up to manufacturer the finest product and the most responsive customer service available today.  

Contact Jeannette Specialty Glass today to learn how we can build a partnership with your company or organization to deliver the custom glass or in-stock products you need.  

For Anything Made Out of Borosilicate Glass

Jeannette Specialty Glass famous for our lenses and lighting products, and offers a wide range of custom borosilicate glass.  From Private Label products such as ovenware/cookware and replacement pieces to our lines of glass shades and spa pedicure basins, we do it all.  Any size, any shape, any pattern in durable, heat resistant borosilicate glass.  Contact JSG today to learn more, or visit our request a quote form.

Applications and Industries of JSG Glass

Contact JSG today for more information on applications and industries.   

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