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Chicago Rookery Building

Specialty Glass Light Fixtures for the Chicago Rookery Building

Chicago Rookery Building One of the most famous Chicago landmarks, the Rookery Building lobby was redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905, where he introduced elements and characteristics of his Prairie School designs.  Frank Lloyd Wright's intentions were to feature a larger sky lit lobby to enhance the building's architectural lighting and ambiance.
The lighting components which Jeannette Specialty Glass made were two, main 16-1/2" semi-hemispheres that would encompass the light, and four smaller prismatic reflectors on each corner of the light fixtures to add additional light.
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In 1990 Jeannette Specialty Glass was asked to supply additional glass reflectors for the refurbished light fixtures in the Rookery Building. The unique prism angles and patterns of these glass reflectors enable light to be reflected 360 degrees and at every angle.   
One of the main reasons the Rookery Building chose Jeannette Specialty Glass to supply them with the light fixtures was because of the high quality and durability of our borosilicate glass.  It was necessary for the glass reflectors to be completely crystal clear without any indication of a green coloration.  There are many other glass plants that manufacture reflectors and refractors, but not one can replicate the crystal clear glass that Jeannette Specialty Glass produces.  Our special formulation of borosilicate glass is unique to the industry with its durable capabilities and being thermal shock and heat resistant.  Another requirement for the hemisphere reflectors was that they had to be frosted to be able to diffuse the light as it is reflected.  The moulds used to produce the glass reflectors were specifically designed to incorporate Frank Lloyd Wright's prism design on the hemisphere as well as the smaller light fixtures.
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